data cabinets

Deemrose Data Cabling supply & install a wide range of data cabinets. These cabinets are 19-inch racks that can be used to house your network equipment. The standardised enclosures that we provide are useful when it is necessary to mount multiple equipment modules. Each of these modules has a front panel that is 19 inches wide, including edges or ears that protrude on each side; these allow for the module to be fastened to the rack frame.


We supply & install wall-mounted data cabinets to almost all of our customers. These cabinets are available in 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U or 21U. They feature quick release hinges on the front doors, designed for customer convenience and a lockable perspex door, set in steel. The wallboxes that we offer are available as 450mm or 600mm deep frames that can be either 600mm or 800mm wide, as appropriate.

Wallboxes often act as the main hub cabinet for smaller networks, with each data cable being routed directly from faceplate to patch panel. In medium-sized networks, wallboxes can act as satellite cabinets whereby the data cables are routed from faceplate to patch panel via these satellite cabinets.

Floor-Standing Data Cabinets

Deemrose Data Cabling supply and install a sizeable range of floor-standing data cabinets, which are often used as hub cabinets for medium-sized data networks. The floor-standing data cabinets that we offer are available in 12U, 18U, 27U, 39U, 42U, 45U and 47U height configurations, are either 600mm or 800mm wide, and can be either 600mm or 800mm deep. As the cabinets are floor-standing they have to be installed onto either 100mm high plinths or heavy duty castors, as appropriate.

The data cabinets that we provide offer a quality, cost-effective hub solution, that is suitable for either an office or data centre environment. All of the cabinets that we supply & install come with adjustable 19” mounting angle, transportation castors and a configurable top panel system to incorporate fan and brush entry solutions.

The open base design of the cabinets promotes trouble free installation and each of the cabinets can be customised to suit your needs; optional extras include side panels, solid steel doors, vented glazed doors and vented steel doors.

Server Cabinets

We also supply & install a full range of server cabinets for larger networks and server rooms. These 1000mm deep cabinets are available in widths of 600mm or 800mm and come as 27u, 39u, 42u, 45u or 47u in height.

The server cabinets act as a central data hub for large networks. These cabinets can then be bayed together to form a data centre for your organisation. We supply very reliable, robust server cabinets that meet all thermal management requirements and load capacities specified by the major server manufacturers. Other features of the server cabinets include lockable front and rear doors, lockable side panels with vents, a vented top cover and a full complement of heavy-duty mounting profiles.

The long-term support offered by Deemrose is often regarded as a priority by our customers, who usually want us to take care of their network for the entirety of its life. The server cabinets that we provide assist us in delivering you with long-term support for your network. They allow for easy commissioning, cable-routing and maintenance. The box-section folding on the front and rear doors ensures extra strength and rigidity.  Aesthetically, the modern, attractive exterior on these cabinets allows them to blend seamlessly into an office environment where necessary.


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