single-mode fibre optic cabling

We install single-mode fibre optic cabling solutions which will provide your network with extended-distance 10GbE, capable of transmitting data beyond the 550m maximum that multi-mode fibre can offer. Single-mode fibre optic cabling is currently the ultimate future-proof data network solution as it is capable of supporting emerging applications that will require speeds exceeding that of 10Gbps.

OS1 fibre optic cable is the most commonly used single-mode fibre cable. OS1 cable is perfectly suited to support extended distance 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

OS2 fibre optic cable has been developed to allow 10GbE data transmission over very long distances.  A low attenuation single-mode fibre cable is required to allow certain applications to operate when the distance exceeds 2000m and OS2 fibre cable provides a solution.