Water Leak Detection Systems

What Are The Risks?

Water damage poses a very real risk to server rooms. In the worst instances a water leak has the potential of bringing a business to its knees through network downtime, damage to expensive active equipment and colossal data loss. Water leak detection systems are becoming an essential addition for all modern server rooms and data centres, as protecting network infrastructures is now an absolute priority for schools and businesses.

Where Should I Start?

It is best to start by making sure that you are fully aware of exactly what is going on in your server room or data centre. This will help in identifying any existing leaks that may be present. The critical areas are in and around your server racks. These are the areas where your essential water leak sensors need to be positioned. Next, sensors should be positioned in close proximity to all other main sources of moisture such as windows, doors and air conditioning units. With a proper water leak detection system in place, water leaks should be identified early on and prevented from reaching anywhere near your main server cabinets.

How Can Deemrose Data Cabling Assist?

We choose to install the Vimpex Hydrosense water leak detection system for server rooms and data centres. These high-tech systems will continuously monitor your water leak sensors 24 hours a day, giving audible and visual alarms in the event of any potentially damaging water leaks, allowing for immediate preventative action to be taken.

Linear Detection

Where floor areas, ducts and suspended ceilings need protecting, we would choose to install lengths of Hydrowire. Hydrowire is a highly conductive cable that is extremely sensitive to moisture. As soon as the cable detects moisture, an alarm is triggered. Each zone of Hydrowire is plugged into a connection box and terminated by an end of line plug, which enables continuous monitoring.

Point Detection

Where there is a need for more localised detection such as in elevator shafts or storage areas, we would choose to install a probe that can be adjusted to suit the level of protection required. As with the cable, the detection of moisture triggers an alarm and is also monitored by the line fault circuit of the control panel. Additionally, the probe has an LED indicator on top to identify exactly which probe has been activated.