Interactive Whiteboards

Deemrose Data Cabling provide the latest in interactive whiteboard technology for schools & businesses. These smart boards improve the ease of audience interaction during presentations. Electronic whiteboards encourage class participation in schools and are an essential tool for businesses looking for more engagement from their employees during meetings and more enthusiasm from their prospective clients during presentations.

The electronic whiteboards that we provide are comprised of a large interactive display that links a computer with a projector. Projecting the connected desktop or laptop screen onto the board’s surface, the user can control the mouse indicator using a pen, their finger or other purpose-built devices.
We also offer training on how to get the most out of your new interactive whiteboard.

Interactive whiteboards are a permanent, essential feature in modern business for employee training & employee management.  They act as the focal point of modern teaching methods throughout the UK education system and can be used by primary school pupils to  play learning games, by secondary school teachers to engage class participation or to present data as part of in-depth university lectures.