UTP, STP and Fibre Optic Patch Leads

We can supply you with a range of UTP and STP patch leads or fibre optic patch leads, as required.

The ethernet patch leads that we supply are suitable for connection into the main switch or for connection into a remote terminal.

Cat 5e UTP patch leads are suitable for use with all category 5e components and come in sizes of 0.5m-10m. The flexible stranded twisted pair cable provides reliable connections for all copper-based applications.  These patch cables are also available as cat 5e shielded (FTP).

Cat 6 UTP patch leads are for use with Category 6 solutions and come in sizes 1m-20m. They are, again, a very flexible cable and they are also available as a shielded (FTP) cable.

Cat 6a patch leads are STP shielded and are required for 10-Gigabit network connectivity. They are constructed with RJ45 plugs (50 micron gold) and stranded Cat6a cable. The individual pair foil screen and double-screened overall braiding significantly reduces outside interference on the data cable.

Fibre optic patch leads are cables that can be directly connected to other equipment for connecting and managing convenience. Encased in a thick layer of protection, they are used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver and the terminal box. We can provide you with multimode or single-mode patch cords, available with any combination of SC, LC or ST connectors.


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